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Live Online Counseling

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What is the purpose of online treatment?

Online Substance Abuse Treatment’s Online Treatment website provides two programs for treating alcohol and drug addiction: live online group sessions led by experienced addiction counselors, and an online self directed treatment program that delivers recovery information via interactive workbooks. The website’s mission is to leverage Internet technology to bring expert recovery help to individuals who otherwise might not get the treatment they need. Online treatment puts trained experts in contact with individuals who need help. The innovative online format ensures privacy and convenience while preserving the effectiveness of traditional treatment.

What can I expect from Live Online Counseling sessions?

You will participate in live group sessions under the leadership of an experienced addiction counselor. During an online session, you will be able to see your counselor via live streaming video, plus any text and graphics on the material being covered during the session. Group members will be able to hear each other through live audio, but to protect privacy, they cannot see each other.

How much does the Live Online Counseling program cost?

There are two options you can choose from: 30 1-hour sessions for $1,100 or 30 3-hour sessions for $1,600. Each option runs for 10 weeks, and meets 3 times a week.

Will I be diagnosed or labeled?

No. We believe in promoting self-esteem and self assessment, and encourage you to participate in deciding what course of action you need to heal.

How much time do I need to set aside for an online session?

Depending on whether you signed up for the 1-hour or the 3-hour sessions, each session lasts (you guessed it) either 1 hour or 3 hours. We recommend that you check in a few minutes before the session begins to ensure that everything is in working order. Once you have logged in, the session content and homework assignments will be emailed to you.

What will I get once I sign up?

When you sign up for online treatment, you will select a session that best fits into your schedule and become part of an online group. OSAT will mail you a package that contains a headset (if your computer doesn’t have built-in microphone and speakers), instructions for the course, and a Certificate of Enrollment that you can use to show your family, your employer, or a judge.

Will other people know who I am?

No. The online treatment program, by its nature, is designed to maximize your anonymity and confidentiality for your comfort. You get to control whether or not the counselor or other group members know your real name or only a screen name that you choose when you sign up. Group members can see the counselor on video, but not each other.

How many sessions will I attend?

An enrollment cycle consists of 30 sessions. Your group will meet 3 times a week. A counselor who is experienced in treating chemical dependency leads all the sessions.

How do I schedule my group sessions?

You can choose from a list of sessions that best fit your busy schedule. We have numerous pre-set dates and time slots to choose from. You will normally stay with a particular schedule, once you start it. This keeps you with the same group and counselor for a consistent schedule.

Can I change my session schedules?

Because you will be working through a progressive list of recovery material, it’s best to stay with your group and your counselor the whole way through your 10-week enrollment cycle. But if you need to, you can change your session schedule up to two times during the cycle. We will place you in a new group where your sessions will pick up the progressive sequence at the same place you left off in your old group.

What happens if I login late to the session?

In the event that you login late, you will be able to join the group at any time during the session. We strongly recommend being a little early to get checked in, so you can test your audio and video prior to the beginning of each session. You will be counted as present if you are participating in the group during the first 30 minutes. Attendance is taken at the end of each session. It is to your benefit that you participate in the full session; don’t cheat yourself!

What if I have to leave the computer during a group session?

As a courtesy, we ask that you notify the online counselor by sending a private email during group. You will click on the “Step Out” button on your group screen prior to leaving your group session. This will allow the group to know you are away from your computer. When you return to your computer, you will click on the “Step In” button, letting the group know that you’re back.

What should I do if I know that I will miss a specific session?

Contact your counselor (in advance, if possible) to determine if a make-up session can be arranged.

Can I review a session again to go over what was discussed?

Yes. An archive of all sessions will be available for up to one year.

What is aftercare?

OSAT aftercare is a FREE weekly, text-based support group, offered to our graduates at no cost for up to 42 weeks after they complete our online treatment program.

What about 12-Step programs?

The 12-Step program is a very successful and widely used approach for persons with chemical dependency, particularly when used in conjunction with other treatment options. We acknowledge the efficacy of 12-Step programs and philosophy, and we strongly recommend that your plans include attending 12-Step meetings and using a sponsor for support. The best way to locate a meeting near you is to contact the central offices of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Find their number in your local telephone book, or search for it online.

Can I link to your site?

If you have a website whose viewers would benefit from the information and services offered by OSAT, you are welcome to post a link to this site. Please link to the home page at:

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

We have a customer service department available to take your questions all day, every day, at 1-800-573-1920. You can also ask us questions using our contact form.