Online Substance Abuse Treatment

Healthy Workers Are Good Business

Online Substance Abuse Treatment’s online treatment is perfect for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

Significantly less expensive than traditional inpatient or in-person counseling, online treatment will keep insurance and out-of-pocket costs low.

Employees will spend less time away from work as well. OSAT’s flexible online programs fit into a working person’s schedule. We leverage the power of the Internet to bring professional treatment right to the employee’s home, or anywhere they go.

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Our Online Offerings

OSAT’s Live Online Counseling is a 10 week program offering flexible meeting times. Groups meet three times a week, via online video conferencing. It’s a dynamic, engaging format with a high degree of interactive participation, all under the guidance of an experienced addiction counselor, and traversing the same recovery path used in our highly successful inpatient addiction treatment program.

OSAT’s Online Self Directed Program condenses the same recovery material into a shorter, self-directed program, lasting 30 to 45 days, delivered as interactive therapeutic processes and exercises. Participants complete one session per day and use 5 online review processes to measure their comprehension of the addiction recovery materials and techniques. It’s ideal for someone who needs professional help to kick a substance abuse issue, but can make progress without direct counselor supervision.

Whenever a little extra help is needed, participants of either program can order a booster session-one-hour, one-on-one sessions with a counselor, conducted online or over the phone.

OSAT offers online treatment options that scale to fit the needs of each individual.

OSAT is the Right Choice for EAP

We have been providing online treatment since 2006. Our therapeutic treatment program, based on cognitive therapy and the 12 step philosophy, has been honed over our 15+ years of treating substance addiction behaviors. We are the industry standard for higher recovery success rates.


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