Inpatient Treatment: Adult


Ages 18 and Over

A 28 day residential program with full medical and counseling supervision. Detox. Gourmet meals. Private room.

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Ages 18 and Over

Inpatient is a 24/7 residential program. It is strongly recommended for people who would probably continue to use if they went to their own home every night. The usual tests for inpatient treatment are if someone’s health, relationships or work are being damaged by alcohol or drug use.

Many drinkers or drug users, if left alone, would drink or use. Checking into a residential program 24/7 helps you break the cycle of drinking or using. Most of the people that are living at the facility are too weak to cut down on usage on their own.

The program provides a successful approach for learning the skills of planned abstinence in a sober living environment. We work with each client independently to develop a program to help him or her understand the dynamics of their addiction and to give them the necessary tools and support for sustained abstinence.

Individualized treatment programs may also include medical detoxification, didactic and experimental learning, group exercises and interaction, family and individual counseling, vocational training, parenting skills, recreation therapy, relapse prevention training, after care placement, and referral or follow-up treatment services.

This is a 28-day residential program located in Modesto, CA, with full medical and counseling supervision. It includes gourmet meals, and a private room.

Note: OSAT offers inpatient programs ranging up to 90 days depending on the needs and progress of the client. Contact TLC for more information.

You’ll be contacted within one business day of enrollment to schedule your intake interview, a one-on-one session with our intake counselor to develop a personalized assessment and treatment plan.


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